Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who Would Have Thought A Chunky Knit Could Get Chunkier?

So far I haven't been disappointed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's label, The Row, and it looks like that streak will continue. 
The twins continue to go the simplicity route with fine fabrics, fine craftsmanship and a little phrase that is hard to come by in the fashion world, less is more. 
The show started off with chunky knits and I'm not talking about the ones you, your mothers or grandmothers have in their closets. Wearing these, you'll be able to forgo a coat most of the fall and early winter season.(Of course only if we have a much milder winter than the one we're having now). In neutral colors, they were also paired with oxfords. Can you feel them getting closer to a shoe collection as much as I do?
A surprising factor was the lack of fur that they usually show. One coat had fur lining the bottom and one had a trim around a hood, however for most of the pieces, MKA opted out for more simplistic fabrications such as wools and cashmeres.
Lots of draping and no tailored pieces really emulated the style of both designers and what most of us would see them in walking down the street.
Ankle length socks were paired with all the oxfords and the handbags continued in luxurious fabrics in shoulder bag silhouettes.
The continued look of one-colored ensembles from previous collections was still important in this one.
I think with all this said, I do have one tiny suggestion….bring Linda Rodin back for the runway!

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