Sunday, February 9, 2014

Utility Meets Day Glo

First the utility came….
Well actually, first came the boat that shipped everyone across the river to Brooklyn. Fashionistas leaving Manhattan, say it isn't so!
Clothing with pockets. Horizontal, vertical, on the side, on the leg, pencil holder pockets. Wait, did I just say pencil holders?
Next came the fluorescent colors or in other words POC. 
Pop of color. 
It first started on collars and gradually made it onto jackets, coats and sweaters that also paid tribute to Charlie Brown.
Paisley prints on blouses with cape like features and shearling coats with jagged edges were some unique touches.
Bags also screamed utility with inspired fanny packs and shoulder bags that included three separate sections. One section that kept to Alexander's athletic aesthetic, a water bottle holder or perhaps something that could double as a wine bottle holder. A benefit for the majority of the population. Now wouldn't that be something.
The shoes were a continuous thought from the Pre-Fall 14 collection. Calf to knee high patent leather with cut outs down the entire back.
The grand finale proved that Alexander is thinking on an entirely different level, with models spinning on a turn table like stage. He's continuing to take his shows to a greater fantasy land.
With his newbie position at Balenciaga and his veteran position at his namesake label, he's continuing to solidify his position in the fashion industry.

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