Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mellow Yellow And The Pink Lady

With all the black in my wardrobe, I never thought I'd say this, but I am gravitating toward two colors, yellow and pink.
Now while I suggest not wearing these two colors together, wearing them apart can we quite enjoyable. 
I've recently purchased these colors in some knit sweaters. Somewhat of a summons for Summer to come early while still in the midst of Winter and all the treacherous snow storms we've experience recently.
Now while the obvious way to wear them is on your person, some not so obvious ways can be used while the weather slowly warms up.
1. Wrapped around your waist. 
Follow the plaid movement and switch out a shirt for a sweater. It's very handy incase your top doesn't keep you warm enough. Why not carry some extra clothes without being obvious?
2. Around your shoulders. 
Follow the prep movement and drape your sweater on top of your coat with the arms wrapped around your neck. Again, you can replace your top if not warm enough or just looking put together can make a world of difference even if you don't feel so on the inside. 
Sidebar - I don't think anyone in the industry feels put together on the inside.
3. Wear it as a turban.
Now while this option seems a little out there for many people, it's very realistic in this cold weather. Just be sure to tuck the sleeves in, you wouldn't want it unraveling while your running down the street. 
**Hint: Go after number 3, outrageous always beats normal
In conclusion, follow the movement of Spring and bring some color into your wardrobe. Although as the Mean Girls rules state to wear pink everyday, black will still be #1 in my life.

Both sweaters are www.zara.com

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