Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are Winter Storm Names Competing with Celebrity Baby Names?

With snow storm Pax amongst us, I started thinking that the winter storms are starting to compete with celebrity baby names in the originality contest.
Have all the common names such as Rachel or Scott been used up? 
Now I'm by far not a weather expect, nor do I watch the TV for hours to see what is happening in that department. However, with our 15 or so storms so far, names like Orion, Falco and Vulcan have been used to name some of the worst snow we've seen in quite a few years. 
Is it because Hercules is a strong name and that is all we saw this winter season? Or are we trying to go the celebrity route and come up with the most unique names possible to out do the last.
Over the years, celebrities have been a hot topic when it comes to naming their kids. Apple, Moses, the list goes on and I'm sure many people are holding their breath once an actress or singer pops out a kid waiting for what the next fad is going to be.
I mean what's next, Tuna or Sardine?
This was even an issue in a Seinfeld episode when George wanted to name his kid Seven. And with parents trying to keep up with the Jones's, are there women giving birth right now thinking they will name their kid Ion or Ulysses?
With all joking aside, the two, snow storms and celebrities, seem to be merging together and trying to out do one another.
All I know is, when Hurricane season comes around, I'm really looking forward to hearing some unique ones!

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