Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Mainstream Effect

Is anyone else getting sick of mainstream fashion?
How many times are we going to see crop tops? Back six months ago when people started wearing it, the trend was killed instantly and I don't mean in the good kind of way. Now it's trickled down to the fast fashion retailers and us "regular people" to finish the trend off. Sidebar: We started seeing the crop tops this time last year.
When leather was popular in the summer time, how many years has it continued in the collections?
Remember when Givenchy made the rottweiler shirt? It took on a life of it's own.
Celebrities don't help the effect with the tons of exposure they deal with on a daily basis. With all of the attention they get, they could single handedly take a trend and finish it off all in a day's work. And while a lot of celebrities tend to have stylists, they normally hit trends when they are peaking and not starting them in the first place.
After looking through many of the street styles on and, you can see the typical people in the industry wearing the typical things. Things straight off the runway that reflects the designer aesthetic. However many of those pieces are borrowed and showed off for publicity. 
Maybe I'm the weird one in this mix, but I generally gravitate toward the original looks, not the ordinary. And when those looks could be seen as "weird"or "out there", it produces a calming effect for me. Almost like, "Ok there is someone that likes to lead."
With this fashion runway season almost at a close, I think it's a good time to reflect on a few things.
1. Take your style and make it your own. 
2. Less is always more. 
3. Don't be afraid to look like a complete goof ball. Original always beats ordinary.
Who knows, you may be the one starting the next trend...

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