Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Fashion/Cool Girl Stigma - Why Can't You Be Interested In Fashion And Smart?

Anna Wintour said it best when she stated just because you want to wear a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress or a pair of J Brand blue jeans doesn't mean you're a dumb person.
This type of logic is what hinders the fashion industry from growing. Is this why we've resorted to celebrities to pump up and ignite the fire?
Whenever you read a magazine from cover to cover, it doesn't mean your vocabulary or thought process isn't established. In fact, many magazine articles relate back to real world issues, whether they be health or politics.
Whenever you're reading a book on Christian Louboutin or Chanel, you're studying real world history and educating yourself. Just because many of these books are coffee table reads that educate with many pictures as well as words, does not mean that you can't read. 
When your out shopping and choosing to buy a silk top from Saks Fifth Avenue rather than a cotton one from a fast fashion retailer, maybe it's because of the real world factory issues in other countries and/or where the design is truly coming from. 
The industry is lucky to have extremely intelligent people in the form of designers, product development, retailers, manufacturers, editors, etc. I mean who else could have created a multi billion dollar business.
If you go to a fashion school for a merchandising or design degree, you're getting involved in something that everyone partakes in and wears everyday: clothing/shoes/accessories.
Without that, we'd all be walking around in our birthday suits and how ordinary and boring that would be.

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