Friday, February 14, 2014

A True Sense Of Style

After looking through the collections between Pre-Fall 14 and Fall 14, I believe there is one person who has really stood out and stole the show. 

Linda Rodin.
She ended up being one of the three models in The Row's Pre-Fall 14 collection and showed great style that is really hard to come by these days. 
With all the street style fashion walkers out there and celebrities, it's becoming easier to pinpoint the people who have a true sense of style and people who are receiving their sense from someone else. 
Having model, stylist, and business owner under her belt, she truly embodies someone who is authentic.
She lives her life in simplicity, which seemed like the perfect match for a brand like The Row. 

I was just hoping I'd see more of her for the Fall collections….

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