Monday, February 10, 2014

Boy Brilliance

When Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters founded Creatures of the Wind back in 2007, they brought a unique vision to the industry that goes against any street style figure who wears the A-typical item off the runway. 
They made ugly cool. Almost equivalent to a girl in her awkward stage of growing up. 
Over the past seven years, they've graduated to the big leagues and continue to grow the wardrobe for that same awkward girl, although grown up herself and living in a world of fantasy.
This season they added boy-like features such as straight lines and buttoned shirts. Unique wood-like and floral prints appeared on several pieces. 
Butterflies adorned blazers and dresses as finishing touches. 
Skirt and dress length were knee high to floor length while sweaters were either chunky and long or were mid-length with wraps.
Mink caps, that looked as if they came straight out of Edie Sedgwick's wardrobe, graced the catwalk on a few models.
It's clear it's just the beginning for these two designers. If Target is looking for their next designer collaboration, I suggest they look this way.

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