Friday, February 28, 2014

Three Weeks Till Spring And I'm Buying Snow Boots!

Would any one besides myself buy snow boots at the end of the Winter season? Well ladies, and any gents that may read this, yours truly has just made the purchase. 
With it being the last day of February and Spring in a few weeks, the snow is still falling, I am still cold and this weather continues to be annoying for probably 3/4 of the U.S. 
After scrolling through many a website for that lucky pair, a brand that I've recently heard about, Sorel, kept popping into my head….and onto my google search. With many sizes sold out in styles that I actually liked (don't ever have a small foot if you can help it), I finally came across a pair that suited my budget and my style. Ta-Da!!
Thanks, Bob for the boots! 
Now let's just hope they fit…..

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Fashion/Cool Girl Stigma - Why Can't You Be Interested In Fashion And Smart?

Anna Wintour said it best when she stated just because you want to wear a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress or a pair of J Brand blue jeans doesn't mean you're a dumb person.
This type of logic is what hinders the fashion industry from growing. Is this why we've resorted to celebrities to pump up and ignite the fire?
Whenever you read a magazine from cover to cover, it doesn't mean your vocabulary or thought process isn't established. In fact, many magazine articles relate back to real world issues, whether they be health or politics.
Whenever you're reading a book on Christian Louboutin or Chanel, you're studying real world history and educating yourself. Just because many of these books are coffee table reads that educate with many pictures as well as words, does not mean that you can't read. 
When your out shopping and choosing to buy a silk top from Saks Fifth Avenue rather than a cotton one from a fast fashion retailer, maybe it's because of the real world factory issues in other countries and/or where the design is truly coming from. 
The industry is lucky to have extremely intelligent people in the form of designers, product development, retailers, manufacturers, editors, etc. I mean who else could have created a multi billion dollar business.
If you go to a fashion school for a merchandising or design degree, you're getting involved in something that everyone partakes in and wears everyday: clothing/shoes/accessories.
Without that, we'd all be walking around in our birthday suits and how ordinary and boring that would be.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hedi Slimane Taking It Back Old School

Back when Hedi Slimane took over for Yves Saint Laurent, I remember much anticipation followed by mixed reviews.
These reviews have ceased to exist after retailers have come out and stated trouble keeping the brand in stock.
Now while I'm expanding my library as well as my wardrobe, I recently bought the Yves Saint Laurent book, Yves Saint Laurent Style Style Style and was interested to find that Hedi is just rejuvenating the past. 
In actuality, the people who were giving the mixed reviews were forgetting about how Yves got his start and the designs that revolutionized the industry.
I'll let the past and present pictures below speak for themselves.

Now since, he's only a few shows into his career at Saint Laurent, stay tuned on some more!

Pictures on left are from Yves Saint Laurent Style Style Style
Pictures on right are from

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mellow Yellow And The Pink Lady

With all the black in my wardrobe, I never thought I'd say this, but I am gravitating toward two colors, yellow and pink.
Now while I suggest not wearing these two colors together, wearing them apart can we quite enjoyable. 
I've recently purchased these colors in some knit sweaters. Somewhat of a summons for Summer to come early while still in the midst of Winter and all the treacherous snow storms we've experience recently.
Now while the obvious way to wear them is on your person, some not so obvious ways can be used while the weather slowly warms up.
1. Wrapped around your waist. 
Follow the plaid movement and switch out a shirt for a sweater. It's very handy incase your top doesn't keep you warm enough. Why not carry some extra clothes without being obvious?
2. Around your shoulders. 
Follow the prep movement and drape your sweater on top of your coat with the arms wrapped around your neck. Again, you can replace your top if not warm enough or just looking put together can make a world of difference even if you don't feel so on the inside. 
Sidebar - I don't think anyone in the industry feels put together on the inside.
3. Wear it as a turban.
Now while this option seems a little out there for many people, it's very realistic in this cold weather. Just be sure to tuck the sleeves in, you wouldn't want it unraveling while your running down the street. 
**Hint: Go after number 3, outrageous always beats normal
In conclusion, follow the movement of Spring and bring some color into your wardrobe. Although as the Mean Girls rules state to wear pink everyday, black will still be #1 in my life.

Both sweaters are

Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Footwear Becoming Ugly?

With Birkenstocks and Jesus sandals around us, is fashion going in a new direction - the ugly direction?
Let's go back to the beginning.
Summer 2012.
This is when I started seeing the infamous Birkenstock sandal come out again. I believe it was introduced to me again by Ashley Olsen. Walking around New York with the comfort sandal and mixing with their infamous label, The Row.
Now Birkenstocks started many years ago with my friends and me going out to get the clog style. They were worn with more of a comfort/trendy-in-the-7th-grade kind of look. 
Now with the brand being resurrected in the industry, it's even had designers going after similar constructions with a twist. 
Givenchy had the Arizona style made with a flower camouflage print all over. 
Celine had their furry version that the likes of Miley Cyrus has been sporting.
Other designers have taken similar approaches to the ugly footwear phenomenon. 
Marni is one to make styles that scream function, not fashion. And let's not forget Prada who has their versions year after year.
With this trend going on since 2012, how much longer do you think it will last? All I know is, no matter how long it lasts, I'll still be sporting my Gizeh version come Summer 2014.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Mainstream Effect

Is anyone else getting sick of mainstream fashion?
How many times are we going to see crop tops? Back six months ago when people started wearing it, the trend was killed instantly and I don't mean in the good kind of way. Now it's trickled down to the fast fashion retailers and us "regular people" to finish the trend off. Sidebar: We started seeing the crop tops this time last year.
When leather was popular in the summer time, how many years has it continued in the collections?
Remember when Givenchy made the rottweiler shirt? It took on a life of it's own.
Celebrities don't help the effect with the tons of exposure they deal with on a daily basis. With all of the attention they get, they could single handedly take a trend and finish it off all in a day's work. And while a lot of celebrities tend to have stylists, they normally hit trends when they are peaking and not starting them in the first place.
After looking through many of the street styles on and, you can see the typical people in the industry wearing the typical things. Things straight off the runway that reflects the designer aesthetic. However many of those pieces are borrowed and showed off for publicity. 
Maybe I'm the weird one in this mix, but I generally gravitate toward the original looks, not the ordinary. And when those looks could be seen as "weird"or "out there", it produces a calming effect for me. Almost like, "Ok there is someone that likes to lead."
With this fashion runway season almost at a close, I think it's a good time to reflect on a few things.
1. Take your style and make it your own. 
2. Less is always more. 
3. Don't be afraid to look like a complete goof ball. Original always beats ordinary.
Who knows, you may be the one starting the next trend...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It.

Proenza Schouler's fashion show seemed appropriate with the amount of the snow that was about to be dumped on the Northeast. 
Models came out with layers, coats and the ever evolving prints that the Parson's graduates are best known for doing. After a few models, it started to look like Jackson Pollock, himself, had painted all over the runway.
Structured jackets with calf length skirts added a sophisticated touch to the cool downtown look that the boys have created in the past. 
Along with the trend that has been happening over the past week, oxfords were added to the outfits.
The clutches looked like an evolution from the lunch bag with the opening completely covered in fur and available for pre-order on their website immediately following the show!
Animal prints such as giraffe and zebra were printed on skirts and tops with a sophisticated twist. And the now infamous crop top with skirt ensemble made an appearance.
With 12 years under their belt, they've matured into designers that can certainly hold their own.

A True Sense Of Style

After looking through the collections between Pre-Fall 14 and Fall 14, I believe there is one person who has really stood out and stole the show. 

Linda Rodin.
She ended up being one of the three models in The Row's Pre-Fall 14 collection and showed great style that is really hard to come by these days. 
With all the street style fashion walkers out there and celebrities, it's becoming easier to pinpoint the people who have a true sense of style and people who are receiving their sense from someone else. 
Having model, stylist, and business owner under her belt, she truly embodies someone who is authentic.
She lives her life in simplicity, which seemed like the perfect match for a brand like The Row. 

I was just hoping I'd see more of her for the Fall collections….

Pictures from;

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again...

Cloud like fixtures were suspended from the ceiling. 
A woman with a soft, relaxing voice was reciting inspirational words. 
Overall, reminded me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book. 
With total focus on his own brand, Marc brought a serene atmosphere to his usual up beat and dramatic shows. 
Warm, tonal and pastel colors took over every piece. Simplicity would be the best word to sum it up with long dresses, tops and pants. 
A few pieces with sheer ruffling showed up and some with a glitter sheen were the most dramatic out of the whole show.
Fabrications were soft and flowing. Structure was not a trend in the eyes of Jacobs this season. 
Scoop neck and v-neck cuts were on many tops and dresses. 
Entire sweater ensembles from the pants, top and all the way up with a scarf wrapped around their necks.
Models had pink or blonde short, blunt wigs with thick headbands. A little reminder to all us woman and how we look at night when they wash their face.
Shoulder bags were carried on a few models, but did not seem to be a huge focus for this collection.
With Marc being one of the last collections for NYFW, his serene show at the end of a busy week seemed particularly appropriate.

Who Would Have Thought A Chunky Knit Could Get Chunkier?

So far I haven't been disappointed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's label, The Row, and it looks like that streak will continue. 
The twins continue to go the simplicity route with fine fabrics, fine craftsmanship and a little phrase that is hard to come by in the fashion world, less is more. 
The show started off with chunky knits and I'm not talking about the ones you, your mothers or grandmothers have in their closets. Wearing these, you'll be able to forgo a coat most of the fall and early winter season.(Of course only if we have a much milder winter than the one we're having now). In neutral colors, they were also paired with oxfords. Can you feel them getting closer to a shoe collection as much as I do?
A surprising factor was the lack of fur that they usually show. One coat had fur lining the bottom and one had a trim around a hood, however for most of the pieces, MKA opted out for more simplistic fabrications such as wools and cashmeres.
Lots of draping and no tailored pieces really emulated the style of both designers and what most of us would see them in walking down the street.
Ankle length socks were paired with all the oxfords and the handbags continued in luxurious fabrics in shoulder bag silhouettes.
The continued look of one-colored ensembles from previous collections was still important in this one.
I think with all this said, I do have one tiny suggestion….bring Linda Rodin back for the runway!

Are Winter Storm Names Competing with Celebrity Baby Names?

With snow storm Pax amongst us, I started thinking that the winter storms are starting to compete with celebrity baby names in the originality contest.
Have all the common names such as Rachel or Scott been used up? 
Now I'm by far not a weather expect, nor do I watch the TV for hours to see what is happening in that department. However, with our 15 or so storms so far, names like Orion, Falco and Vulcan have been used to name some of the worst snow we've seen in quite a few years. 
Is it because Hercules is a strong name and that is all we saw this winter season? Or are we trying to go the celebrity route and come up with the most unique names possible to out do the last.
Over the years, celebrities have been a hot topic when it comes to naming their kids. Apple, Moses, the list goes on and I'm sure many people are holding their breath once an actress or singer pops out a kid waiting for what the next fad is going to be.
I mean what's next, Tuna or Sardine?
This was even an issue in a Seinfeld episode when George wanted to name his kid Seven. And with parents trying to keep up with the Jones's, are there women giving birth right now thinking they will name their kid Ion or Ulysses?
With all joking aside, the two, snow storms and celebrities, seem to be merging together and trying to out do one another.
All I know is, when Hurricane season comes around, I'm really looking forward to hearing some unique ones!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holy Public School

After watching the evolution of Public School on Ovation's "The Fashion Fund", these designers have proven they are the next to watch in the men's clothing designer arena. 
But I certainly wasn't expecting them to conquer women's wear as well. 
A wardrobe full of black clothing walked down the runway with the occasional splatter of navy and burgundy. 
Men in capes, wide brim hats and leather harnesses. Kind of like Hedi Slimane meeting Christian Gray's closet.
Women in ski caps, herringbone and oxfords. 
The majority of clothing seemed interchangeable between sexes with exception to some dresses and fitted coats, or at least to me, it was. Makes it easier to see all at once rather than perusing the racks at H&M in the men's section. Can be harder than it seems. 
Anyways I digress.
With all this potential streaming out of them in their first runway show, it makes it hard not to notice Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne.
That $300,000 prize from CFDA was well spent.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Boy Brilliance

When Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters founded Creatures of the Wind back in 2007, they brought a unique vision to the industry that goes against any street style figure who wears the A-typical item off the runway. 
They made ugly cool. Almost equivalent to a girl in her awkward stage of growing up. 
Over the past seven years, they've graduated to the big leagues and continue to grow the wardrobe for that same awkward girl, although grown up herself and living in a world of fantasy.
This season they added boy-like features such as straight lines and buttoned shirts. Unique wood-like and floral prints appeared on several pieces. 
Butterflies adorned blazers and dresses as finishing touches. 
Skirt and dress length were knee high to floor length while sweaters were either chunky and long or were mid-length with wraps.
Mink caps, that looked as if they came straight out of Edie Sedgwick's wardrobe, graced the catwalk on a few models.
It's clear it's just the beginning for these two designers. If Target is looking for their next designer collaboration, I suggest they look this way.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Utility Meets Day Glo

First the utility came….
Well actually, first came the boat that shipped everyone across the river to Brooklyn. Fashionistas leaving Manhattan, say it isn't so!
Clothing with pockets. Horizontal, vertical, on the side, on the leg, pencil holder pockets. Wait, did I just say pencil holders?
Next came the fluorescent colors or in other words POC. 
Pop of color. 
It first started on collars and gradually made it onto jackets, coats and sweaters that also paid tribute to Charlie Brown.
Paisley prints on blouses with cape like features and shearling coats with jagged edges were some unique touches.
Bags also screamed utility with inspired fanny packs and shoulder bags that included three separate sections. One section that kept to Alexander's athletic aesthetic, a water bottle holder or perhaps something that could double as a wine bottle holder. A benefit for the majority of the population. Now wouldn't that be something.
The shoes were a continuous thought from the Pre-Fall 14 collection. Calf to knee high patent leather with cut outs down the entire back.
The grand finale proved that Alexander is thinking on an entirely different level, with models spinning on a turn table like stage. He's continuing to take his shows to a greater fantasy land.
With his newbie position at Balenciaga and his veteran position at his namesake label, he's continuing to solidify his position in the fashion industry.