Friday, April 5, 2013

Where Did All The Good Clothes Go?

Constantly being on the look out for the next best thing in fashion, I was finding myself bored. After passing the same sample sale building every week, but never having enough courage to enter, I relinquished and stepped in. Now, I am as far from an impulse shopper as there can be. I can't stand rifling through racks packed with clothing hoping to find one piece that I may like. And let's be realistic, there are two kinds of shoppers, people willing to do sample sales and people not willing to do sample sales. I was so far in the latter. With only having experience as far as watching the crowds in movies and on TV, I decided to branch out.

After entering the sale and handing over everything short of my birth certificate, I was left with my wallet, phone, a little less dignity and about 100 racks of mangled clothes left by the hoards of people trying to get discounts. After walking up and down the aisles questions such as "How do people have the patience?" or "Is this really worth it?" started filling my head. And finally after surveying the lines streaming out of the dressing room, I felt too defeated to look through any longer and left. 

With people being as cautious as ever with their spending now a days, this apparently was where everyone was shopping. Trying to get in as many designer purchases as their wallets would allow, but is it worth the hassle? Are we really looking at the quality of the clothes or just reaching for the designer label and size? Is this top really my style or is this a distraction until the right piece comes along? And with designers being less than trendy on the runways these days, will future sales look the same or will they eventually filter out because no retailer or designer wants to have the wrong item on their floor?

 Are these sales really getting people back into their old spending habits and possibly stimulating the economy?

Perhaps this is where we went wrong. 


  1. I'm pretty weary of sample sales as well. Something about waiting for designer merchandise to plummet in price and then rushing to get them isnt appealing. I'd rather be a smart shopper and buy things according to budget. Great post dear!


    1. Thanks for the comment! It's nice to hear from others that style still stands in front of getting a piece just because it has a certain label