Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Low Can You Go?

Once upon a time, probably two years ago, shoes were at their highest. By that I mean height. 
With celebrities like Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj walking around in 7+ inch heels, everyone was drinking the cool aid. So this new discovery of lower heels, and the fact that they have been recurring over a couple of seasons, it seems as if the tides are starting to turn. The realism is setting in and people are starting to realize that longevity isn't necessarily a bad thing. 
Designers from Valentino to Miu Miu created their own unique versions of the kitten heel for Spring 2013. And we can't forget about Manolo Blahnik, who surely has a pair or two in his collections. 
So do what I'm doing and save up your pennies and cab fare and trade it in for some kitten heels. After all, what good are they to show off if they're stuck in a cab.

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