Saturday, April 13, 2013

Retail - Where Is It Heading?

Recently I read an article entitled 'The Future of Retail' and it really struck a nerve. With the generation of new shoppers making their rounds with the I-want-it-now mentality, retail will need to make some changes to keep up. 
First thought: Stores are starting to use iPads to help customer find merchandise and check out. New technologies are coming out one after the other to help the customer, their needs and to stay ahead of every other retailer out there. (This clearly isn't an original thought, but I thought it should be mentioned)
Second thought: Retailers should never be wishing other retailers to go out of business. It only makes their own future less than bright. A little healthy competitive never hurt anyone.
Third thought: Stores need to educate the customers! It's up to the retailers to deliver the right merchandise to their customers. Customers leave it to retailers to weed through all the bad to deliver the good and in return, stores have a loyal listener.
With retailers really needing every customer they can get these days, the need to turn around is imperative.

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