Friday, April 19, 2013

Take Me To Your Leader...Cough Cough Erdem Cough Cough

There are constantly new shapes of sunglasses coming out. Cat eye, exaggerated eye, round Lennon type but what about alien eye?
After watching the Erdem show for Fall 2013, this is what I saw.
Models walking down wearing feathers, furs and sheer little numbers that were pretty usual for this season. However, when a little red, brocade number came walking down, all bets were off.
The model's glasses can only be described as alien shaped eyes. Yes, you could probably call them a very exaggerated cat eye but let's be real.
Whether or not you believe in these little creatures that are on other planets, let the lesson be learned. Alien eyes are coming out and no one will be able to discount that.

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