Monday, April 29, 2013

Have Street Style Looks Become The New Norm?

As Andre Leon Talley so famously quoted in the documentary, The September Issue, it's bleek street here in America. I must say that I concur.
Street style is something that so famously became the norm years ago. Other bloggers and photographers taking pictures of the show attendees and making the people going to the shows more famous than the actual show itself. 
I think we need to switch it up.

These days you can almost pin point what looks off the runway will fall onto the people outside, but since when has fashion become so predictable?
Isn't that the opposite of what is supposed to happen? 
Maybe that's the old school version of myself talking especially when I still await the next issue of Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire and still hope that a model appears on the cover rather than a celebrity promoting their next movie. 
Maybe this up and coming trend of designers not having an actual runway show will somehow diminish this predictability. 
Here's hoping....

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