Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Was Our Style Pre-Destined From Our Childhood?

People have different opinions on whether style is innate or acquired but after being told that I hated wearing dresses, stockings, anything girly when I was younger and the fact that I love menswear dressing now, it made me think whether our childhood style affects our adult style.
Back in the day, all of that plus a trip to Bloomingdales would send me running for the hills.
Note: I do like Bloomingdales now so I guess it was more of a tastebud situation.
Anything girly was not for me. No skirts or dresses, just pants were my number one choice, especially in Winter when I was frozen in stockings.
Also, I grew up around two brothers that could have instilled the menswear gene although their version of menswear was the typical 90's sweaters and jeans for teenagers, which no offense to them or anyone else back then, but that my friend was not style.
I remember loving those plaid shirts unbuttoned, a true tomboy look that actually seems trendy now and something I relish in wearing.
Also, the fact that my mother wore dresses and skirts seem to not affect me or want me to wear any of it. I always hear of many woman getting their style from their mothers or grandmothers and I start to feel a little out of the loop. My grandmother was a particularly stylish woman buying her fur coat with the first job she had. And while I followed in her footsteps, it certainly took place in my adult years, not the child ones.
I always believe that style was innate and the ones that acquired it had some influence from a friend, parent or even a stylist. However those facts are not in my favor. Or maybe innate style takes some time to kick in? 
Whatever your particular style may be, take some time to think about where you got it from. An innate instinct that has always followed you or an influence from someone in your life.


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