Sunday, March 16, 2014

Designers Vs. Economy

Are designers having a harder time designing in this economy? 
The mystical and magical aspects of the typical runway show went away for awhile when the economy took it's first big hit a few years ago. And maybe not literally a physical aspect disappearing, but the vibes were present. Buyers had to be more conscientious of what they were buying because of possible mark downs down the road. 
From then, they have been gradually working their way back, but as employers have been used to the fact of having less employees with more work, the shopping habits have been going the same way. 
It seems like many people are looking for the lower priced versions of these designer clothing, aka the fast fashion retailers. 
But how do we get those same people back for the real deal?
The fact that the industry is becoming more accessible to Suzy homemaker is a big answer to that question. 

When they started the Fashion Night's Out, which expanded across the U.S and into many other countries, designers, industry professionals and celebrities were on call to promote shopping and bring the fun back into it. 
Vogue came out with The September Issue movie which gave a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine's infamous September issue and in turned made you feel like you were part of that fantasy world.
When Alexander McQueen's Met show opened, over 600,000 people came to see the elaborate embellishments and the well-made clothing that typically only people at the fashion shows see. Hopefully this instilled a quality that people turned to again.
Even just having more PR going into this world such as the fashion news sites and bloggers have helped bring more awareness. 
With the economy showing a difference from those first years, hopefully designers can keep integrating the fantasy world back into their collections and the shoppers will follow.

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