Sunday, March 2, 2014

Was Balenciaga Thinking Of The Working Woman For Fall 14?

Something that resonated with me while watching the Balenciaga show was the immediate thought of work while watching it and I'll tell you why.
Typically when you see these runway shows with models walking down in beautiful clothing, shoes and handbags, sometimes it doesn't seem realistic for work. If it's a clutch(which it isn't always) many woman can't get away with just that for the workplace. If it's a 5 inch heel (which it isn't always) many woman cannot walk in heels above 2 or 3 inch. And when I saw models at Balenciaga who were walking down with multiple handbags, it finally made sense to me. 
How many woman out there carry multiple handbags to work? A clutch just doesn't do it anymore in a world when everyone is connected 24/7 with their iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc. In the industry I work in, I find myself carrying multiple paperwork, my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone home every night to continue the work load. Even if they aren't carrying home their work, they may be using a tote to carry their lunch as well. 
OK, let's get back to the show and the fun details.
Models walked down with two or three totes at a time. Some had a black fur tote in one hand, while carrying crocodile and leather totes in the other. Beautiful fall type coloring with black, burgundy, orange and blue.
Maybe a new trend has emerged. Or maybe Alex picked it up from Miroslava Duma when she famously had two Chanel bags wrapped around her two years earlier.
Whatever the case is, Alex has always been a trendy designer and he sure hasn't let us down this season.

Runway photos:; Miroslava Duma photo:

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