Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Anyone Hungry For Chanel?

I think Karl finally answered the inevitable question: what does a stylish woman wear to the grocery store?
With the Pre-Fall collection taking place in a country western themed show, a complete 360 took place when a real life grocery store popped up in the middle of Grand Palais. 
The infamous Cara Delevingne opened up the show with no other than a cropped sweatshirt and sweatpants. Both had strategic rips throughout, silver waist jewelry, sneakers and of course a tweed long jacket to keep the audience from thinking they were in the wrong place. 
Similar sweatshirt looks followed with the tweed suits gradually covering more and more and no model went without sneakers or knee high sneaker boots.
The 80's were channeled with the help of a cowl neck sweatshirt, leggings and flowing, colorful fabric tied at the waist. Metallic colors were used on many pieces as well.
The accessories matched the vibe with many models carrying a metal grocery basket with the famous leather and chain detailed wrapped around the handles and bars and included a leather quilted bad smack in the center.
Classics crept in with knotted pearl necklaces that would make Coco herself proud.
Karl never ceases to amaze even the fashion community who is constantly changing themselves.
From a western to the supermarket, what could be next, a circus?
Stay tuned….

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