Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Day The Internet Blew Up

With the a lot of the hoopla and excitement settled after yesterday, I have finally gathered my thoughts and here's what I think…
As I'm sure all of you know, the Vogue April cover was released yesterday and Kimye are the chosen ones to grace the cover. The Internet and Twitter world basically blew it's head off and many many people were not happy, most especially the loyal readers who have been reading the magazine for what seemed like years. 
Sarah Michelle Geller also made a statement by tweeting she would be canceling her Vogue subscription.
The issue hasn't even hit the newsstands and Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief, already defended her decision with what appears to either be her Editor's Letter that appears in the magazine every month or a well-crafted, last minute rebuttal to all the backlash.
Let's also not forget the fact that both Kanye and Kim were on the cover, a move that looks like PR was smeared all over it and was perhaps what made Anna finally pull the trigger.
And of course, Kimye moved their wedding up from July to May not too long ago, perhaps a  indication of the cover to come.
This actually all brings me back to when JcPenney swapped out their old and loyal customers for new, younger ones. Vogue better hope their new customer can spend some money on clothing.
And than there is my opinion left... 
Well if you look at the picture below, I think it sums it up pretty well. I've collected Vogue magazines for 5+ years, a loyal and avid reader who loved the mix of intellectual articles with fashion from the world's fashion Bible. 
However, with the latest stunt pulled, I believe in continuing that fashion and intellect with another choice. 

Final thoughts: Whether the magazines sells a ba-gillion issues or heads start rolling, Vogue has officially become something else….
And it's up to you to follow or not.

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