Thursday, March 6, 2014

The End Is Here

With fashion month over and many people traveling home from Paris, I would imagine a lot of questions are dwelling in people's mind.
How did they think of that?
Why the hell is that trend back?
Or my personal favorite, where can I get those shoes and how soon?
Without the daily inspiration dressing from sites such as and, hopefully we'll all continue our festive fashion moods and not let even the weather inhibit our ideas.
I figured I would dedicate this post to fashion week and include many inspirations to get you through the upcoming weeks.

Acne Studios 
Alexander Wang

Creatures of the Wind

Dries Van Noten

Louis Vuitton




Christian Dior

Proenza Schouler


Marc Jacobs

Tom Ford

The Row

Saint Laurent


Rag and Bone 
Public School

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