Monday, March 3, 2014

Are We Sick Of Designs By The Time They Hit The Store?

With the runway shows coming to an end and all the beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories we've seen, are we going to feel the same way about it in a few months?
With the reality of the situation being that all of these items need to be sifted through by buyers, ordered, manufactured and shipped to stores, it leaves us six months down the road from actually acquiring any of it. Also, with the current state of the industry being so accessible to the farthest ends of the earth, we can look at these clothes not only in magazines but a hundred times over on any website if we want. Does this in fact make us not want the actual piece when it's the most necessary for the designers and retailers?
When you are constantly looking and studying, whatever your job position is, at these collections, does it limit that newness appeal since you've been looking at the same piece for 6 months and by the time you actually get it, are disappointed and already on to the next thing?
Moda Operandi is a website that you can purchase certain items straight off the runway. With a deposit upfront and the rest paid when it ships, it does offer less anxiety because you aren't chasing it down at every Saks or Bergdorf when the actual season in question hits. On the flip side, maybe this technique is as good as it can get. With the possibility that some of these pieces may never hit other retailers, you are left with an original piece and the anxiety of finding it dissipates the second you hit place order so you aren't searching high and low and seeing it over and over again.
I'm a sucker for the pre-order on many websites. However since my budget and my need for designer duds don't exactly match up, I'm left to stare at the item, put in cart, remove from cart, put in cart, remove from cart for months before I even get it, if I even end up buying it.
Note: this may work for people who can't actually afford these clothes. 
Tamara Mellon is trying to stop this issue by having clothing made in season. Now whether this actually works or not (people will still have to wait for the most trendy or favorite designer pieces for six months), it's a testament to the fact that we may have a real issue on our hands. 
Retailers also fight for exclusive buys to certain pieces to stand out in the crowd of many brick and mortar or web retailers to set themselves apart.
Whatever the case may be, the reality of the situation is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do we continue to be exposed over and over again for the sake of the designer to get his or her name out there,or do they actually suffer in the long term when overexposure sets in and they're left with nothing more than a bunch of markdowns.
You be the judge…

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