Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To Try Or Not To Try

When looking in your closet for something to wear, do you ever notice that the easy way to dress is not always the best. You may immediately go to the pieces that consume your visual psyche every day. That little black dress, the pair of jeans draped over your chair or even that cashmere sweater that has helped you get through this brutal Winter. 
But let's talk about the additions. 
Sure that little black dress would look acceptable to the common eye but why not go a step further? Throw a sweater over top or add a pair of leather leggings underneath. It's these little add-ons that turn the look from unoriginal to something that will turn heads.
Take that sweater and jeans and add a plaid shirt tied at the waist. Pair it with Saint Laurent sneakers.
And then of course the jewelry and accessories. 
MKA made the boho, layering look so intriguing and is accessible to everyone. Drape multiple watches, multiple rings, multiple scarves or even multiple handbags with every outfit. 
Miroslava Duma took two Chanel handbags and wrapped them around her. 
Chanel would always wear multiple pieces of jewelry with her simple jersey outfits. 
Let's face it folks, the add-ons will make or break your outfit.
So I guess the question left to answer is what would your add-ons be?

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