Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Infamous Element of Punk....Leather

Leather has been a strong element to the punk revolution. It comes in all forms from jackets and shoes to pants and, in the case of Kanye West, skirts.
 It has become as ubiquitous as the white trend or low heels. Pretty soon we'll be seeing people walking down the street in dominatrix outfits. 
And it most definitely can add some edge to a once simple outfit. 
Leather has had a lot more of a presence recently. And you know when leather is a big trend in the summer time, than it's bigger than you could imagine. Anyone brave enough to walk through the city heat with a pair of leather leggings is OK in my book.
So for all the people out there that are intimidated by the punk trend, just add a little leather to your outfit. 

Balmain leather jacket

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