Monday, May 20, 2013

The Casual Suit - Chanel Resort 2014

After watching Chanel's Resort 2014 show, there was a common theme in the first few clicks of the show.
For lack of a better term, casual suits.
A pullover top with the common suit lapels and pants. A different take on something that Karl continues to reinvent each season.
With knee pads and paddles accessories, I couldn't help but wonder about the stir Chanel branded paddles would make on the industry. We aren't quite over the hula hoop bags from last season.
Print trends were played up as well as some casual wear that I can only assume will be worn from the sidelines.
With other variations of clothes such as a high-low skirt version of the classic tweed suit and pearls draped on everything except the model's ankles, it looks like Chanel continues to move forward in their own fashion evolution.

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