Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A New Age Of Punk- The Not So Punk, Punk Look

While many people at the Met Gala decided to wear the typical punk trends such as spikes, leather and plaids, many opted for a less obvious approach. 
Florals and sheer, girly dresses were also a big hit among many attendees.
Buy why the change? Is this our new way of interpreting or did many just neglect to find their inner punk selves?
For one thing, florals do have a certain appeal and it was back in 2008 when Elle UK did a punk floral shoot. And the MAJORITY of people did wear the appropriate floral dresses. Majority being the key word.
The sheer look was a little more understandable. Most had an almost gothic appeal and than of course the all over mesh dress was uber on point.
So with everyone's different interpretation of this Punk Chaos exhibit, it left the door open for many ideas of future punk looks.

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