Friday, May 3, 2013

White Out

With this Spring's number one trend being black and white, I've decided to join so many others in what I like to refer to as a white out.
With the majority of my wardrobe being black, I had to really branch out for this one. After purchasing a white blazer and a few tops, my search is complete and just a tad complicated by the fact that it's incredible hard to actually wear white clothing.
One thing I believe that should have been mentioned when purchasing white clothing is not to move in it. Don't eat, drink or engage in any kind of activity. (This actually sounds like the perfect way to lose weight). 
Actually, after thinking it over, white can last you year round, as long as you are not one of those people who doesn't believe in it after Labor Day. 
So join the rest of us with our white out outfits, just remember to not put make up on around it. 
From left to right: Alexander Wang Spring 2013, The Row Spring 2013

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