Saturday, May 4, 2013

Subtlety Means Something

Let's face it, everywhere we look, there are woman carrying around logo handbags. With Louis Vuitton and Fendi logo bags out there and growing by the minute, where do we look for a little subtlety?

Next to fragrance, it seems like handbags are the go-to designer fix for people of all classes. As long as they have that logo next to them, they can brag to their friends, co-workers, or whomever will listen to how much they love their bag. And at that point, it almost makes it reasonable to shell over the sometimes thousands of dollars.
But what about something a little more subtle?
Designers like The Row and Celine come out with more discreet handbags that don't need a logo spread all over to get their point across. What happens when that logo is no longer "in" fashion?
Louis Vuitton is probably the biggest offender with the non discreet LV spread across the front and back with easy recognition. Then again, I don't think Louis Vuitton will ever go out of style, at least while Marc is at the helm of the brand.
In a world where a logo is on everything from handbags to notebooks, a little subtlety can go a longer way.

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