Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stephen Sprouse

Where do I begin? During this punk week, I have decided to honor a few designers who have ignited the 'punk' aesthetic. 
Stephen Sprouse was one of them.

Stephen Sprouse Dress

Fluorescence colors and graffiti were two things this designer is known for and has had success with. With Andy Warhol as a fan and friend, the designer brought in many of Andy's influences when creating his clothing. He was featured in many department stores but unfortunately could not keep up with the cost and demand of his clothing and eventually had to shut down his business.
For people that did not know him back in his clothing days, you may remember the collaboration he did with Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton for the graffiti handbags.

Stephen Sprouse Collaboration with Louis Vuitton

Stephen Sprouse was a great visionary and brought about a punk trend that no one had done before. A creative talent in his own right, he will definitely go down in history as a true talent of the fashion industry.

Stephen Sprouse

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