Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Off Price And Discount- Do They Really Help The Economy?

Being guilty of succumbing to the pull of the off price market, I start to wonder whether they are actually helping the economy. We get excited opening the Alaia handbag we just purchased for 70% off, but what does it do for the industry?
Many people would argue that outlet stores saved the industry from crumbling, while others think it degrades the high end luxury world.
Designers get downgraded when they end up on sale racks for a fraction of the price and it doesn't help someone's logic of "Why would I buy this at full price, I'l just wait for it to go on sale." 
Some outlets don't even offer the same merchandise. It becomes de-spec and treated like the real deal.
The fast fashion retailers get inspired from designer collections and turn around to recreate it for a fast fashion fix for those who are unable to spend $500 on a blouse. 
Are we looking at a short term fix that will only bring the industry down in the long term or are we looking at the next greatest thing?

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